Citations – Why Have Kids?

Je viens de commencer un livre, et je suis tombée sur deux paragraphes qui m’ont fait beaucoup de bien :

« When these sweet little beings who are supposed to be the center of their parents’ universe don’t manage to fulfill their lives completely, we come back to the most overwhelming sentiment of mothers across America: guilt. If our kids are our world, how could we be so heartless as to hate the drudgery that comes along with them?


We have to get real about our expectations. Children don’t exist to make us happy, and treating them as such will just make them —and us— miserable. But if we can manage to beat back the guilt and sense of personal failure that so many women buy into —and feel no shame when we admit that child rearing can be a tedious and thankless undertaking, despite the love we feel for our kids— then we can start to take on the broader social and political issues that are really what chip away at the joy of parenting. »

Jessica Valenti

Why Have Kids?: A New Mom Explores the Truth About Parenting and Happiness – Pages xvii et xix

Je n’en suis qu’au début, j’espère que ce sera une bonne lecture!


Modification du 9 juin : Je n’ai pas encore fini ma lecture, mais j’aime beaucoup! Voici une autre citation :

« As infant mortality started to drop, parents and experts began to blame children’s death and illnesses on their environment more and more. « Infant death was preventable —if the mother kept her home clean and sanitary and followed the experts’ advice. With the improvements in infant health and the rise of such professions as psychology and medical pediatric, the experts’ attention moved from physical health to mental development. The shift had dire consequences for the mother, » [quote from the book « Bad » Mothers: The Politics of Blame in Twentieth-Century America].

And as the culture changed, so did the intensity by which we blamed mothers. As professional child development experts rose to prominence and gender roles changed […] the belief that children’s development, health, and wellness were based entirely on what mothers did or didn’t do became culturally ingrained. »

Jessica Valenti

Why Have Kids?: A New Mom Explores the Truth About Parenting and Happiness – Page 111